La Clínica Ripoll is a clinical center specialized in gynecology and obstetrics in Barcelona. Founded in 1928, three generations of gynecologists have taken care of the health of thousands of women with the aim of offering them a totally personalized treatment to guarantee their well-being.


We have a highly specialized team and innovative equipment that allow us to offer a wide range of services for the treatment of the intimate health of women: periodic gynecological examinations, pregnancy, all types of gynecological surgeries, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, infertility treatments, non-cancerous and cancerous breast tumor removal surgery, pelvic floor treatment, menopause control or papilloma vaccines, among others.


We offer treatment which is personalized entirely and that makes us unique. We create an environment of trust with the patient so that she is comfortable.



Comprehensive treatment of your intimate health

Gynecology literally means women’s science and medicine. It refers to the medical and surgical specialty that treats the diseases of the female reproductive system (uterus, vagina and ovaries).

In the Ripoll Clinic we have the human and material resources to carry out periodic gynecological examinations, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological and mammary pathology, both benign and malignant.

Thanks to a series of technological (such as cervicovaginal cytology, ultrasound, hysteroscopy, etc.), and medical advances (such as birth control, menopause study and treatment, etc.), the prevention and early diagnosis of many gynecological diseases, together with breast pathology, have been achieved.

In addition, with the improvement in pregnancy and childbirth attendance, life expectancy and its quality has improved dramatically as regards to today’s women.

As for the surgery, if this is necessary, it is carried out by the professionals of the center itself.

From the first moment you know you are pregnant, you are only concerned about your baby’s health. It is a very sweet moment, but at the same time, an uncertain one. Everything is new and you want it to go well. In our clinic, we are with you throughout the process, always controlled by the same specialist: from the first gynecological review, 2D and 4D ultrasounds, regular check-ups, to birth attendance and, if you wish, pelvic floor treatment and urinary incontinence after childbirth.


Latest ultrasound equipment

In our clinic, we perform high quality 4D ultrasound through which the fetus can be observed in three dimensions with movements in real time. It is a very emotional moment, the best option to increase the affective bond between the parents and their future child.

Remember this great moment whenever and wherever you want. In addition, Clínica Ripoll we give you a USB with the photographs and the 4D ultrasound recording so that the whole family can see the future baby.

In our clinic, we also offer general surgery and digestive system treatment services before any illness, with the latest advances in conventional surgery and laparoscopy. In parallel, we have a surgical emergency service.

In order to offer a more effective diagnosis, we have our own laboratory service that allows us to analyze and get the results in a short period of time.