In the clinic we have our own laboratory where we carry out periodic where we carry out periodic blood and urine tests, as well as cultures.


During pregnancy, we perform the relevant blood glucose quarterly tests, as well as the glycemic curve to control the mother’s blood sugar levels.

The first tests are vital to know the mother’s blood group, hemoglobin levels to determine if she suffers from anemia, the degree of immunity to disease infections, such as toxoplasmosis, and whether she could be potentially diabetic during the gestation process.

If pregnancy progresses favorably, 3 analyses are carried out corresponding to each trimester of pregnancy..



We perform a follow-up of basic analytics to assess the following aspects:

Glucose level to see if the mother can suffer from diabetes during pregnancy.

Antibodies to assess her degree of immunity to infectious diseases such as viral hepatitis, rubella, HIV or syphilis.

  • Toxoplasmosis immunity
  • Blood group determination
  • Urinalysis to examine bacteria
  • Indirect Coombs test to detect antibodies that could cross the placenta and attack fetus cells



A blood count is performed, another indirect Coombs test (if the pregnant woman is Rh negative) and a serology to determine Hepatitis B. In parallel, the O’Sullivan test is performed to determine if the patient can suffer gestational diabetes.



A blood count and coagulation tests are performed.