At Clínica Ripoll we specialize in all treatments related to the female reproductive system, whether they are diseases associated with the reproductive system, regular gynecological check-ups or the monitoring and care of the entire pregnancy process.

Thanks to a highly qualified medical team and the most advanced technology, we help you to solve the pathologies related to your intimate health. At Clínica Ripoll we perform all surgeries using the Laparoscòpia technique, a minimally invasive surgical procedure of the pelvic or abdominal area. In this way, the patient’s recovery time is reduced as well as the possible complications that the surgical procedure may involve.

These are the services that we offer in the gynecology and obstetrics clinic:

By your side throughout pregnancy

Live an unforgettable experience!

The medical control you need

We take care of your intimate health

Couple fertility tests and treatments

We accompany you during the process as your body changes

The solution to avoid unwanted pregnancies

The technique that allows us to observe the interior of the uterus


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