Contraceptives are methods to avoid or significantly reduce fertilization possibilities in fertile women who have heterosexual sexual relationships and, in this way, avoids unwanted pregnancies.

At Clínica Ripoll, we give advice to our patients based on the most appropriate methods with respect to the circumstances of each case, following up the patient.

Contraceptive methods can be grouped into the following:

They are the methods that prevent the sperm from coming into contact with the egg.
Examples of this are the condom, the diaphragm and the gels and spermicidal foams..

By administering hormones, the ovary is prevented from ovulating, so that pregnancy cannot occur. The hormonal method is the “contraceptive pill”.

Hormone administration, nowadays, can also be done through the skin (through dressings) and through the vaginal mucosa (through a plastic ring that adapts to the vaginal fundus)..

They are a series of devices that are inserted into the uterus cavity and causing the difficulty of the sperm to rise through the uterus.

They are the vasectomy in the man and the tubal ligation in the case of the woman. In both cases, a small surgical intervention is required.

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