Menopause is defined as the permanent cessation of menstruation. Menopause is not only the disappearance of the period, it has physiological correlations with the decline of estrogen secretion due to loss of follicular function.

Menopause is a set of processes that the woman suffers because the ovary stops the production of sex hormones, which will lead the woman to live a hypoestrogism (significant lowering of estrogen levels.)

These changes involve the appearance of a series of phenomena such as hot flushes, sleep disorders, anxious or depressed states, dry skin and mucous, decreased sexual desire or osteoporosis, among others.

There are not 2 equal menopauses, as there are not 2 equal women. For this reason, we offer personalized attention to each patient and, if it’s necessary, the option that treatments are established.

In addition to following the appropriate controls, completed in the examination room by the gynecological professionals, we try that the patient has the highest quality of life and, nowadays, medicine can help us in this objective.

As a novelty, Dr. Ripoll operates menopausal and urinary incontinence treatments using lasers.

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